Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bleeding Heart

Heavy heart, full of love, overflows,
Tears pouring, silently.
Water becoming clouds, floating,
Bringing green life to the earth.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Flying, Soaring, Falling

Serpent coiling round sensous curves
The egg breaks, releases, scales form.
Dancing deva, devil, god
Her wings spread, she flies above.

Toes touching starlight, leaping far.
Round wrist, cross shoulders,
Whispering in her ear.
Spiralling divine, she hears his song.

Coiling in her belly a serpent stirs.
Stretching from her heart, wings soar.
Serpent rises, wings connect,
A dragon with stars for eyes is born...

When love meets desire,
And understanding blossoms,
The most beautiful flower
Begins to grow.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Journey Through Sunset

Waxed green hearts blanket the banks
Where ripples of light and shadow flow,
The green headed bird leaves an arrow in his wake
And my train begins again.

Through glass I gaze upon darkening sky
Travelling through cacophanous colours,
Warm light turns water to gold against the shell
Of the sphere which holds my world.

Swiftly now I move, watching the sun's final glow.
Darkened storm-bearers let angelic light stream through
To grace with life the deep, damp, darkening land
Until the blanket of night must fall.

Strange how the last breath of day,
Before the world is dipped into rich darkness,
Glows with the most colours, almost as though this setting sun
Creates inks to be mixed into the blackened night sky.